Areas: Websites with regional cycling information, whether town or a region of the world. Includes links to bike rides (not races), like the Hilly Hundred or My Local Rally.
Businesses: Businesses that deal in cycling: bicycle makers, shops, components, apparel, tour companies, etc.
accessories: Businesses that primarily sell cycling-related accessories, such as clothing, panniers, bike racks, and tchotchkes.
bike manufacturers: Manufacturers of bicycles and bicycle frames.
bike shops: Bicycle shops, including shops that operate solely online or by mail order.
parts manufacturers: Businesses that manufacture bike parts, from drive trains through saddles to suspension to cables.
services: Businesses that serve the cycling population with training, legal and other advice.
tour companies: Companies that offer touring packages in any part of the world.
Clubs: Bike clubs from around the world, generally the social clubs. Racing teams generally end up in the Racing People category.
General: Cycling information that doesn't fit the other categories, typically personal web pages about cycling or advocacy groups. This website is an example.
Media: Outlets in print, video and web form that cover cycling professionally and as an avocation. This now includes weblogs related to cycling.
Racing: Links to websites for races or websites with race coverage. Find the million and one Tour de France websites here.
people: Professional cyclists with their own pages or fan pages for those cyclists.
teams: Professional cycling teams and clubs that primarily do racing. Non-racing clubs are under the Clubs category.
Rides and Events: Rides and events are social and fun bicycling events, as opposed to the races in the Racing category. These range everywhere from your club's annual Big Ride to things like RAGBRAI to Paris-Brest-Paris.
Tandems: Since I have a tandem, here are cross-reference to manufacturers and clubs and events for tandemnists.

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